Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How To Do a Downy Dunk on Your AG Doll's Hair

First of all, thanks for reading my blogs!
  Second, what you are going to need is:

  (1) A plastic bucket, such as a popcorn bowl but slightly bigger.
  (2) A towel to put around it, but not a white one or else there is a possibility of bleaching or staining it.
  (3) A doll, obviously, with a terrible bird's nest of a hair (be sure to take her clothes off!)
  (4) Downy Fabric Softener (this brand is expensive, so you don't have to use this particular brand; just one with scentless odor.
  (5) And a metal or plastic spoon.

  OK, first you should fill the bucket with your scentless fabric softener. Then you need some old books from when you were younger, or just books that are useless and you hate. These will hold up your doll from falling head first into the Downy! And then you need to stick your doll's head in the bowl with fabric softener, and get your spoon. Your metal or plastic spoon is used for, in case you didn't fit all of your doll's head in it, to pick up some fabric softener from the bowl and dump it on her head but not face. Be careful not to get your doll's inner wig wet, for it will make her wig loose and will eventually fall off. But no worries, just make sure it's not wet in the higher wig area! Then you should let it sit in there from five to twenty-four hours, depending on your doll's hair, checking from hour to hour on it and dumping Downy from the spoon onto it.
  When it's done take it out and rinse it as best as you can. Rinse well for if not you will have greasy doll hair as your BFF, and that's not very fun to play with, huh? Haha, nope. So rinse well!!!!
  As far as I'm aware, this method works on all dolls when necessary.
  Please do not blame me if your doll somehow messes up in this situation, as it is not my fault in its entirty. So... Thanks for reading and be sure to check out my other posts!!


  1. oh thx for this! :D

    -Meghan at

  2. How bad does the hair have to be before you should try a downy dunk? I have a doll that I used braid spray on. It softened the hair some. However it is still a bit course. If I do a downy dunk do I have to wash the dolls hair first? Thanks